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Blyton Park Info

Please read through the information below carefully.

You can leave your car/trailer at the venue overnight at your own risk but you are not to arrive before 17:10 unless you are taking part in the Saturday trackday. We've been told there aren't any restrictions other than to keep off the grass as you'll sink so the gate may be closed but should be unlocked, just remember to close it behind you. Without the grass it'll be a tight paddock so park sensibly, take up as little room as possible and make sure there are two clear lanes throughout the paddock for traffic and emergency access.
Drivers are required to complete their Registration, Vehicle Safety Declaration Form & Safety Briefing linked below prior to arriving at the check in desk, they are all contained within the link below.
12th May - Driver Registration – Live from 11th May
Please ensure that you have read through the event Regulations carefully and that your vehicle complies before attending.
The Vehicle Safety Declaration form (VSD) included in the online registration above means that you self declare that the vehicle complies with the safety regulations, we will carry out visual inspections throughout the event to check that the declaration is in order.
Please ensure that you read through the Event Instructions & Timetable linked below.
All the information you should need for the event is included in the event instructions and briefing documents that you can refer to at any time but we will also have a short briefing for all drivers at 08:40 outside of the briefing room to go over the main points of the day.
Entry Lists  – See who is already registered
Competition Licence
We require that all participants are in possession a licence issued by The IOPD which is a body empowered by statute 1371 and authorised by the Secretary of state for the regulation of off- highway auto events. These are available at a cost of £25 for an Annual Licence or £15 for a day licence directly online from the IOPD using the link below. Please note that if purchasing an annual pass you should do so with enough time for it to be posted out. Day passes are sent via email so we would advise that you purchase yours be the end of the week so that you may still contact IOPD should there be a problem of some sort. If you are not able to produce your card/code at the event or have booked it for the incorrect date then you must purchase another correct one. 
Competition Licence Form – Complete you licence application online prior to the event.
Competition Plates 
You are required to display competition plates (JTSS 30x25cm and Class T 20x15cm) with your competition numbers on the side of your vehicle throughout the event. We advise that you mount your stickers on magnetic plates if you wish to remove them between events and tape the leading edge whilst on track to avoid the wind getting underneath and lifting them off the vehicle. We will provide a set of numbered competition plates to each competitor at their first event free of charge to use over the course of the year, if you lose your numbers then you may purchase a replacement set from the website. If you are sharing a vehicle then remember to clearly mark who is driving by covering the other numbers. If you have any other numbers on the vehicle already you should cover them or cross them out with tape if they are not applicable to this event to ease identification.
Replacement Competition Plates
If you have lost or damaged your competition plates since the first round you will need to order a replacement set via the link below. You must have ordered your replacement set no later than 10:00 on Tuesday 7th May to allow enough time for them to be reprinted. If you miss this deadline and do not have numbers for the event you will need to pay for another set and will forfeit your previous number allocation for the rest of the year.
Food will be available throughout the weekend from the cafe, they ask that if you are ordering lunch that you pre-order before 10:00 where possible so that they can prepare any special orders in advance to help with the workload.
Tannoy System
As a lot of the circuits have tannoy problems we’ll be trialling a new system to help calling cars down to the start. We’ve set up a Whatsapp group for the sprints that also includes an announcement group where we can keep you updated throughout the event with messages so you can keep track of when you need to head down to the start via your phone.
Live Results
We’ll be operating live timing throughout the event which you can find on the link below.
If you set a time and it is not being displayed on the results then chances are it was a voided run.
Sector times will show only for the current run and reset at the start of the next.
Inters 1 & 2 below shows the position of the timing beams splitting the 1st (60Ft Launch), 2nd & 3rd sectors.
A full set of results including overall, class and run times including sectors will be available from the results tab on the sprint page the day after the event has concluded.
The Blyton Park paddock has a strict speed limit of 10mph and the premises ends at the circuit gates (although overflow parking may extend beyond that slightly). The entry road is not to be used to run vehicles and great care must be taken around the kart track, anyone infringing on this will be removed from the premises and there will be zero tolerance. If Blyton staff wish to have you moved from the venue then their word is final and we cannot intervene, please be on your best behaviour.
Note that the Blyton paddock will be tight for the number of cars in attendance so please park as efficiently as possible taking up the least amount of space you can whilst ensuring that there are two clear lanes for traffic throughout the entire paddock at all times. If you are parking on the right as you enter the paddock please note that it may still be too wet to park heavy vehicles on there but an empty trailer or tents will be fine so you can place the trailer on the grass and only take up 2 ‘slots’ with the tow vehicle and the car. If you are parking on the left as you enter the paddock please park with vehicles/trailers, etc facing the field up to the grass so as not to stretch the paddock out of the gate. The karting track area must not be infringed upon and kept clear at all times.

Paddock Parking Diagram